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With tons of tools, solutions already available for the Android market and a very enthusiastic community to support these apps; it is but natural that Android remains the most popular platform for such a variety of app solutions. Prideinfo mobile developers feel itís a pleasure creating the Android app. Affordable android smartphones took on Apple within the war of smartphones, and Google's android OS has become tremendously popular mobile operating system and phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG and HTC have adopted android for their smartphones. Prideinfo recognizes client opportunities; has developed mobile applications, capabilities and the required skillsets to explore this excellent mobile application platform.

Features Include
  • Never ending quotes*.
  • Simple user Interface.
  • Swipe left/right to navigate.
  • Navigation through page animation.
  • Customize your font and size.
  • Supports for iPhone 5 retina display image.
  • Search by author and keywords.
  • Search a particular day through calendar.
  • Bookmark your favorite quote.


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